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What is Farmasi?

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct selling company in natural Beauty, Personal Care, Makeup, Skincare, and Fragrances. 

Very Affordable prices and more being added daily,
Additionally, it is one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies, with over 1 million sales representatives globally.

What is Farmasi about? 

Farmasi has evolved from being a pharmaceutical manufacturer to a world-renowned cosmetics company. Although Farmasi products are more affordable in the market, the company is growing and expanding. They are also considered as one of the most honest MLM companies in the market today.

Is Farmasi makeup all-natural?

All of the Farmasi Makeup and skincare products are Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free & have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP.) Additionally, the makeup and skincare products they manufacture are vegan-certified, with no animal ingredients, gluten-free with no artificial colors. Furthermore, to date – only about 400 (of the more than 2,000+ products that they manufacture) are here in the United States. Within time, all the products will be available in the US, including all-natural, phosphate-free cleaning products, lashes, nutritional supplements, and more! Look below to see just how natural, safe, and skin-friendly Farmasi makeup and skincare products truly are.

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Farmasi offers quality makeup, haircare, and skincare products with incredible standards.

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Thank you for shopping with me ❤ Love and Hugs ❤
Cindi Morgan

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Cindi | Reply 10.02.2022 08:53


Thank you for letting me know - PLEASE DON'T TALK TO THIS WOMAN - IT'S NOT ME !!!!!

She is a hacker.................Love ya Emmie♥

Emmie Reynolds | Reply 10.02.2022 08:29

I think you may have been hacked. Someone saying they are you is trying to get me in some sort of publishers clearing house thing.

Sheryl O | Reply 18.02.2021 13:50

Hi Cindi, worry abt you. You disappeared. Is all okay??

Cindi Morgan 18.02.2021 14:10

Just sent you a Friend Request ~ sorry you were deleted by mistake...Love you♥

Cindi Morgan 18.02.2021 14:08

Let me know if we are friends again on FaceBook - it's acting crazy for me right now - hugs♥

Cindi Morgan 18.02.2021 14:00

Thanks Sweetie ~ all is fine - Some reason you were blocked but I added you back in....I'm really frustrated with my: Cindi's Beauty Kandy :(

Love you ♥

Patricia Roberts | Reply 04.02.2021 11:08

I reported the facebook page and the messenger The Facebook page doesn't look anything out of the ordinary but I reported both

Cindi Morgan 04.02.2021 11:59

So sorry that happened to you Patricia.........You are a very nice person........LOVE AND SWEET HUGS♥♥

Were you on my OLD FaceBook Page as a Friend?

Patricia Roberts 04.02.2021 11:35

I had someone take mine and tried to get money out of my paypal and bank account we got it all back thank God but the account is history.

Cindi Morgan 04.02.2021 11:12

Thanks Patricia♥ This is so upsetting to me :(

Bless you ~ LOVE AND HUGS♥♥

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