All I Want For Christmas Is You

Your the gift that's made my dreams all come true
All I need for Christmas is here
Finding every sweet surprise wrapped up in your eyes
Waiting there for me underneath the tree
We'll spend the day exchanging kisses

We will smile and say What a Christmas
This is

Long before the snowflakes appear
Without bells or mistletoe or the tinsel silver glow
You just look at me.........and Oh!

Christmas Is Here

We will smile and say What a Christmas
This is
Long before the snowflakes appear
Without bells or mistletoe
Or the tinsel silver glow
You just have to look at me.......and Oh!

Christmas Is Here

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DONE Sending...

MC♥ Love YOU♥ | Reply 08.12.2015 19.54

Hi My Love, Do you want me to frame the Hands On pic for you? I would like to make some prints, please, I know you said NO. My Buddy in Italy loves your site!

CJM♥ 08.12.2015 20.25

No! No! No! I want NO prints done of this pic!!!! Tell your friend in Italy that I would be happy to help him with his website. Hugs♥

Jamie (WMAC) | Reply 07.12.2015 11.43

Love this Song!!

Merry Christmas!

Mille | Reply 07.12.2015 09.59

Love all your Christmas Songs Cindi!

Merry Christmas

MC♥ | Reply 07.12.2015 08.36

No "MEAN" Comment Cynthia Jo, this is a nice song. Love you♥

Cindi 07.12.2015 16.47

Meant frame it for ME ????? or???? I have no-one to frame it for :(

Cindi 07.12.2015 16.45

Aren't you too nice! Love the "Hand's On Pic" ~ thanks, it turned out great - send me a large cc and I will frame it for ? MW, I Guess :(

Hank (U.S. STEEL) | Reply 06.12.2015 20.34

Beautiful Song Cindi, BEAUTIFUL YOU♥

It was great seeing you last week!! Remember the fun we had?

Merry Christmas!

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02.10 | 10:29

Cindi, the Flower Arrangement you made is Very Beautiful, can you make one for me when all gets back to normal? Beautiful Site, as always, Love you :)

30.09 | 08:09

Very Beautiful Dear Cindi, as always.

Hope you and Joe, Ben and Mary are well.

Love you :)

23.09 | 09:10

Hi Cindi,

Long time no see or talk, hope you and Joe and the Kids are well and safe.

Love your Autumn Page, take care, love you

21.09 | 09:14

Lovely and Beautiful, as always Cindi.

Thanks for sharing your Website, I always look forward to seeing the changes of seasons on your front page, love to you

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