If I Should Love Again


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MC♥ | Reply 14.10.2015 23:22

Cynthia Jo, great song, read: LET GO OF THE PEOPLE THAT HURT YOU

You need to do this, its time, AND KEEP THE ONES THAT LOVE YOU♥

Julie | Reply 28.07.2015 21:10

This is another great song Cindi Lou, thanks for sharing!

Love you♥

Night Spirit, WHO LOVES YOU♥ | Reply 16.07.2015 20:53

Texas Cindi, although all the sad songs you have added are beautiful, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, get the sadness out of your heart and put a smile on that beautiful face

Margaret (New Orleans) | Reply 16.07.2015 18:57

This is beautiful Cindi, I like the way you make everything REAL PERSONAL, it's such a beautiful Site, hope I can take it over and you can help me change over.

Jess | Reply 16.07.2015 15:07

This is a nice song, kind of sad but beautiful, love her voice, very sad the way she sings it.

Maddie | Reply 16.07.2015 09:38

Love this Song Cindi, it' beautiful!

Love, Colleen | Reply 16.07.2015 00:19


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Today | 11:13

Thank You My Dear Friend ~ hope to see you soon♥

Love you♥

Today | 11:05

Cynthia Jo,

LOVE IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, always remember that♥

11.01 | 09:54

Your the Best Cindi, Thanks♥

10.01 | 12:16

Thinking about you with LOVE♥

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