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Written by Lenore on Nov. 10, 2020
Happy Autumn My Dear Cindi.

I always like looking at your site when you change to the different Seasons.

Please stay well My Sweet Friend.

Hugs and Kisses♥♥
Written by Jessica on Nov. 3, 2020

Good to see your Beautiful Autumn Page, I Love It!

Hope you and Family are well.

Maybe soon we can get together for lunch.

Love, Jessica
Written by ♥♥♥ on Nov. 2, 2020
Written by MC (The man that loves you ALWAYS) on Oct. 28, 2020
Cynthia Jo,

Wish you could come see me in the Hospital, you know how I hate Hospital's!!!

This Chemo is making me so sick :(

Can't believe I have Prostate Cancer, I'm so healthily and in good shape, luck of the draw?

Thanks for being here for me, at least I have my Laptop.

Love you so much, knowing you since we were young has been such a blessing to me.

I will always care and love you, you know that?

No more pity me, talk later :)
Written by Anna G. on Oct. 26, 2020
Loving your new Guestbook,it loads inmediatly,sending a big hug dear Cindi,keep the great work

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It was good to hear from you Cindi, happy that you and your family are well.

Congratulations on soon becoming Grandparents♥ Love to all♥

11.11 | 14:11

Your Site is Beautiful Cindi ♥

10.11 | 12:57

I love you Neha