Forever Love is a poignant movie about a woman who awakens from a 20-year-long coma and begins her life all over again. In the drama, suggested by a true story, Lizzie and Alex Brooks are a fairy tale young couple, wildly in love and the parents of a little girl, Emma.

Then, without warning, 24-year-old Lizzie suffers a stoke. At the hospital, doctors tell Alex that his young wife has slipped into a deep coma and there is nothing to do but wait to see if she comes out of it.

Alex, determined to keep his vow to love Lizzie in sickness and in health, decides to bring her home and take care of her. Alex is helped and consoled by Gail, Lizzie's best friend. Gail not only offers a loving friendship to Alex, she fills in for Lizzie with young Emma as well. When Gail's husband is killed in a car crash, Alex, Gail and Emma form a de facto family unit of their own until, 20 years after her stroke, Lizzie wakes up. Miraculously, Lizzie is pronounced perfectly healthy and begins to try to assimilate back into a world that has radically changed.

Emma, who is about to be married, is thrilled to have her mother back, as are Alex and Gail. But, Lizzie's presence is also confusing for all of them as she attempts to move back into the place she rightfully occupies in their lives.

It's a journey of challenge and discovery for all of them as they grow, change, and begin to embrace each other again.......

Forever love 
I promise you 
Someday we'll be together 
Forever love 
I won't give up 
No matter what 
I'll be waiting for you 
Forever love




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Marlie | Reply 29.06.2015 15:02

One of my favorite Movies and Songs♥

Night Spirit♥♥ | Reply 28.06.2015 19:22

This movie is one of my favorites Cindi, I Love the Song "Forever Love". Such a touching Love Story, I want to be loved like that, don't you?

Elaine | Reply 28.06.2015 12:11

Beautiful Love Story, thanks for sharing. Wish we all had a love like this.

Marcie | Reply 27.06.2015 22:52

Love this Movie, I have watched it many, many times. Such a special love they had, we should all be that fortunate. I hope you have such a Love Cindi.

Colleen | Reply 24.06.2015 10:56

This is a great Love Story, and I love the song by Reba.

Yvonne | Reply 23.06.2015 23:53

Love this Movie, Reba sings the title song, Forever Love so beautifully, thanks for adding this one Cindi.

Maddie (New York) | Reply 23.06.2015 18:08

Beautiful, love Reba and the song, thanks for adding, will watch tonight.

Love, Maddie♥

Gladys | Reply 23.06.2015 16:45

Another Beautiful Love Story Cindi, thanks for adding, I will watch it tonight. Love ALWAYS prevails, TRUE LOVE ALWAYS DOES ♥♥

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You have a lovely family♥

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Love your Summer Page Cindi♥

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Thinking of you my dear friend,loads of love and blessings going your way,xoxoxo.

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Beautiful Site Cindi♥

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