THANKSGIVING DAY is no ordinary holiday.

It is a time to reflect on one's good fortunes. It is a time to greet family and friends.

 It is a time to spread the message of love ♥♥♥♥


 Millions of American families will join their hands in prayer to say grace. Thanksgiving is integral to American culture.

On Thanksgiving, say a prayer of thanks to the Almighty, for the bountiful gifts bestowed upon you. Many years ago, the Pilgrims of Plymouth did so.

They shared their food with the natives of the land, who had helped them in times of misery. The tradition of sharing the Thanksgiving meal continues even today.

In honor of that tradition, share your gifts with friends and family. 

Orange and yellow autumn leaves 

 Falling from the colored trees 

Outside of your thanksgiving feast 
Family favorites in the air 

A time to give, a time to share 
The love you have is everywhere 
To love, to life, to hope, to dreams 
To all whose thankful hearts you bring 

Thank You for the air I breathe 
Thank You for the love I need 

Thank You for the joy inside of me 
You give us hope, You plant the seed 
You harvest every heart in need 
Thank You for the love you've given me 

Special people by your side 
Open fires and pumpkin pies 
The years they catch you by surprise 
The seasons joy is at your door 
There's so much to be grateful for 
So much you have and there is so much more 
To faith to friends to joy to cheer 
To celebrate another year 

Thank You for the air I breathe 
Thank You for the love I need 
Thank You for the joy inside of me 
You give us hope, You plant the seed 
You harvest every heart in need 
Thank You for the love you've given me. 

All the beauty on this planet 

Every moment took for granted 
Here's the chance to get it right 
All the blessings you've been handed 
Every memory life makes candid 
Here's to living here's to life 

Thank You for the air I breathe 
Thank You for the love I need 
Thank You for the joy inside of me

You give us hope, You plant the seed 
You harvest every heart in need 
Thank You for the love you've given me 

You hold me up when I can reach 
You give me strength when I'm too weak 
Thank You for the love you've given me 

Thank You!


As I count my blessings this season ~ I want all of you to know that I'm very thankful to have friends like you.

May you have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.




I Cindi Morgan am thankful for so many things ~ more than I can possibly name.........

Here are a few:

I have fallen but l rose to start again and I have learned

I've been hurt deeply ~ but I forgave to love again

I'm thankful for the woman I have grown to be

I'm not perfect  ~ but that's alright


I'm thankful for who I have become

A strong ~ beautiful ~ loving 

Wife ~ Mother ~ Sister ~ Aunt ~ Friend





~ Thursday ~ November 28, 2019 ~

Thanksgiving is a time when the Pilgrims came to America and celebrated by having a feast with some Native Americans in the area that helped them get food. It was a huge feast with many people there.

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to get together with family or friends. Turkey is definitely a popular food on Thanksgiving!

It is a joyful celebration! 

 As we express our gratitude ~ we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words

But to live by them.

~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy ~

 As your friends and family gather around for Thanksgiving dinner, think of all the wonderful times you have spent together. Count your blessings, as you have the gift of love and companionship. Share happy thoughts, optimistic plans, and dreams with your family and friends.

The tradition of Thanksgiving dinner teaches us to appreciate the finer things in life. If you want this tradition to continue, you must invest positive energy into the Thanksgiving dinner, and make it a joyous affair.

Let your enthusiasm and energy revitalize everyone.

Prepare a great Thanksgiving toast and inspire others with your positive words.

Make this your best Thanksgiving dinner ever ...


   As the Autumn Leaves are falling  ♥

We know that Thanksgiving is around the corner...

That lovely time of the year

No Stress

No Shopping at the Mall

No Wrapping Presents

So on ~ and so on...


Just a wonderful time of the year where we all give thanks to our family and friends and for all the wonderful things in our lives that we have been blessed with....

 Each Day I am thankful for Nights

That turned into Mornings

Friends that turned into Family

                Dreams that turn into reality

and  Likes that turned into love.

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The Wilson's | Reply 27.11.2014 16.27

Enjoy your day with your family, Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Jude and Ernie

Arleen | Reply 27.11.2014 16.24

Beautiful Thanksgiving Page, HAPPY THANKSGIVING SWEETIE!

Love, Arleen

Dina | Reply 03.11.2014 21.40

Nice Thanksgiving Page Cindi, you have all the Seasons covered, love your website, you are such a special lady, thanks, Love, Dina

Angel | Reply 22.09.2014 20.49

Love this page Cindi xx

Love, Angel

Robert | Reply 22.09.2014 20.44

Very lovely Cindi, I love Thanksgiving, no presents, lol.

Love, Robert

Linda | Reply 20.09.2014 23.36

Love your Thanksgiving page Cindi, very pretty, where do you get all your creativity from? Wish I had your talent, maybe it will rub off on me, ha ha

Love you♥

Eddie who loves you | Reply 20.09.2014 14.01

Another lovely page my Sweet Cindi, you simply are AMAZING, AMAZING, You are My Cindi Girl and you are loved terribly. Love Eddie

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02.10 | 10:29

Cindi, the Flower Arrangement you made is Very Beautiful, can you make one for me when all gets back to normal? Beautiful Site, as always, Love you :)

30.09 | 08:09

Very Beautiful Dear Cindi, as always.

Hope you and Joe, Ben and Mary are well.

Love you :)

23.09 | 09:10

Hi Cindi,

Long time no see or talk, hope you and Joe and the Kids are well and safe.

Love your Autumn Page, take care, love you

21.09 | 09:14

Lovely and Beautiful, as always Cindi.

Thanks for sharing your Website, I always look forward to seeing the changes of seasons on your front page, love to you

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