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Death of a Partner and Finding Love Again

Death of a Partner and Finding Love Again


Death of a Partner


Finding Love Again



If your partner has died, you know what deep grief is, what it’s like to be truly alone. You think that the void he or she left could never be filled.

Coming home to an empty house is not easy. There is no one to greet you, and the chair opposite yours at the dinner table is empty. The house seems to echo from the silence and you shed a tear as you remember that you are now alone. Somany years together, so many memories you two created together are all you have left. Losing a loved one changes your entire life, especially when the loved one was also your best friend. You feel completely lost and totally uncomfortable making even minor decisions. The bed feels big and you hug the pillows for comfort.

But something inside you tells you that you can survive....




You feel so alone and empty inside and you yearn for that feeling of LOVE ~ someone holding you, talking with you, loving you.

But you wonder ~ will I ever find love again or most importantly SHOULD I find love again...GUILT sets in and you are afraid that your Partner would beunhappy if you found some one to replace them.

Remember no-one will ever replace the departed spouse or love you shared with them.

Your partner would want you to be happy so would your children and friends ~ but this is a decision you have to make and also finding the right time to search for theyour new love ~ MOURING is different for everyone, don't let family and friends tell you what they think ~ YOU ARE THE ONE THAT ONLY KNOWS.


The very idea of starting a new relationship can be scary and fraught with feelings of guilt. But it can ultimately be very rewarding. Wouldn't the loved one you grieve for want you to find happiness in a new relationship when you're ready?

Every person experiences a unique grief process and the grieving process is influenced by many factors, including:

  • The type of relationship you had with your partner
  • How your partner died
  • Your culture and family background
  • Your overall psychological response to grief





Losing someone we love is one of the hardest things we have to face in life. But eventually, once we're ready, it's highly likely we'll consider the possibility of finding love again. And this can happen at any age.

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