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Whether you’ve been a couple for ages and need a break to reconnect or it’s your first weekend away together, when you plan a romantic getaway you must remember that it requires some research, effort and enthusiasm. Arranging a trip for just you and your partner can be a relaxing respite from your daily lives, it can help you spend some quality time with your partner and it can even make your post-vacation relationship better.........That is, if you pull it off properly, which is why you need to carefully plan a romantic getaway. Here is what you need to know about how to plan a romantic getaway.



As all of you know ~ keeping a relationship ~ whether it's a marriage ~ a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.'s important to keep your relationship fresh, spicy and fun.

Yes, of course every-day life is stressful ~ all the more reason to have fun and get away once in awhile ~ even though it might be for one night, a weekend or several weeks.

If money is an issue ~ that's alright because you can stay in your home and have that Get~A~Way.

Throw a blanket on the floor, make a special lunch or dinner, put some romantic music on, wine, etc. and you have your romantic Get~A~Way ~~ just make sure the kids aren't


But if money isn't an issue ~ decide where you want to go ~ near by or far by car or take a plane.

Sit down and talk to your loved one and find out what each one of you wants to do. 




Here are some important facts to remember when planning your Romantic "GetA~Way....


Set a budget when you plan a romantic getaway

Choose a special location when you plan a romantic getaway

Incorporate extra touches when you plan a romantic getaway

Be flexible when you plan a romantic getaway


Hopefully I've inspired you to plan a romantic getaway or I have helped you in your current plans. Remember that the point of a romantic getaway is to enhance your relationship and to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Yes, you can have planned outings, but consider her/his interests and consider how they are “couple friendly.”


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Anna 08.02.2013 21:32

I agree Cindi, couples gotta take some time to spend a romantic experience together. with no kids haha. xoxo

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