Love Doesn't Ask Why


♥♥ Tender Heart♥♥

A Beautiful Song By:

Lionel Richie

I dedicate this Section to all

those who have loved ~ lost and

decided to walk away  :(

Jamie R. 31.10.2015 00:59

Love this Song, Love the way Lionel sings this beautiful song, sad but again, so beautiful. Who is this for Cindi? Most of your Videos seem so personal


James (New York) 08.07.2015 03:29

I remember this song, it's sad but very beautiful, thanks for sharing Cindi.

Love, James

Marie H. 06.07.2015 03:30

Love this song! I've had a Tender Heart all of my Life and I always get hurt :(

Jonathan 05.07.2015 18:56

Cindi, I'm your shadow, this is a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela 05.07.2015 05:43

This is a great song, sung by a great performer. I have to say from my experiences with love, it's still hard to walk away, even if love is not there :(

Cheryl 05.07.2015 04:12

Beautiful Song, and sung with so much feeling. Lionel is GREAT.

Marsey 05.07.2015 03:41

Beautiful Song Cindi, thanks for posting, a lot of us can relate to this. I love the way Lionel sings, he has a golden voice., Love & Happy 4th!

Brenden 04.07.2015 01:53

Lionel sings this song with so much emotion, I wonder if he had to ever let go? We all do at some time in our life. The song is GREAT. Love to you Miss Cindi♥

Michael C. 03.07.2015 21:29

I know your sad Cynthia Jo, but I hope your Beautiful Drawing makes you happy, WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!! LOVE YOU TOO♥ This is a great SONG! :( FOR YOU

Eddie 03.07.2015 20:15

Cindi Girl, so sorry to hear of your sorrow, REMEMBER WE NEVER CAN BRING BACK THE PAST, JUST SORRY YOU HAD TO LEARN THE HARD WAY, I Love you!!!!!

Markie 03.07.2015 06:54

Thanks for the share Cindi Roo, Love Lionel Richie, he's one of my favorites and so is this song. Have a Fun 4th, Love you

Night Spirit♥ 03.07.2015 03:04

Hey Texas Cindi, Love this Song, long story but when I ended my marriage I sent my X this song, Great Choice, Love & Hugs, Night Spirit (The Other Texas Gal)♥

Barbara 03.07.2015 00:33

Lionel Richie, awesome composer and singer, love this song.

Maddie (New York) 02.07.2015 21:39

Great Song Cindi, I too love Lionel Richie, very sexy voice!

Colleen W. 02.07.2015 19:53

Great Song, Lionel Richie has a beautiful voice and has wrote and sung so many wonderful songs, I love all the sad, romantic songs. Happy 4th My Sweet Friend♥

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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