♥♥Movies About Love♥♥

♥♥ Movies About Love ♥♥







Doesn't happen right away....
It's an ever-growing process.
It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together....



Hello Dear Friends..............


By now if you are a past, frequent visitor or even a new visitor to my site you will know (or discover) that I'm a real ROMANTIC ♥♥


I believe in all the things that have to do with TRUE LOVE:




Walking on the Beach

Experiencing love to the fullest ~ physical as well as emotional


And all the other things to do with LOVE...........


I decided to add Movies, some sad, some happy to my website to show LOVE between two people.


As we all know, not all LOVE STORIES have Happy Endings, I wish they did but unfortunately they don't.


The Movies that I have added are favorites of mine..............but if you have a favorite LOVE Story/Movie that you would like me to add, just let me know.


Please keep in mind YouTube (where I get these Movies from) don't always allow the sharing of these Videos ~ so I may not always have the full-legth movies to share ~ but I wll have the Trailer(s) so you can at least see what they are about.






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DONE Sending...

Annie Blue Eyes | Reply 27.06.2015 21:42

Great idea, Cindi, LOVE MOVIES, I will be sure to watch them.

Jeremy | Reply 27.06.2015 18:04

Your are very lovely Dear, love this section, Even though I'm a man I like Romantic Movies because I'm a Romantic Loving Man who loves deeply.

Maxie | Reply 26.06.2015 16:29

Love Stories on your site is a great addition Cindi, look forward to seeing more.


Millie (Maddie's Group) | Reply 26.06.2015 09:55

Love the movies you have added Cindi, thanks!

Julie | Reply 26.06.2015 09:44

Great idea Miss Cindi, your website is FABULOUS, love you♥♥

Ray | Reply 25.06.2015 20:56

I Love watching Love Stories!

Marissa (Maddie's Group) | Reply 25.06.2015 17:02

Good Job Cindi, love that you are adding Movie Videos about Love, so like you. By the way I love your new photo, very beautiful, as usual.

Michael | Reply 25.06.2015 01:03

Cynthia Jo, Beautiful addition to your website, LOVE STORIES. You think of everything My Dear, AMAZING, AS ALWAYS♥♥ Love you

Maddie (New York) | Reply 24.06.2015 12:52

This will be good Cindi to explain why you are adding LOVE STORY Movies to your site, you are, as every one says, AN AMAZING WOMAN. Love you♥

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