Love Doesn't Ask Why

♥Love Yourself♥


Forgive yourself...

Be true to yourself...

How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.

For myself I must say that there are days when I look into the Mirror and see "SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW" makes me sad that I see someone I don't know or even like (SOMETIMES)..............I say to myself...I'm.....

Getting Older

Seeing wrinkles that wern't on my face two months ago

Feeling Fat

Not liking my hair

And so on................and so on

Then I think to myself ~ Cynthia you are alive and in fairly good health  ~ that is when I look into that same mirror again.........AND SAY OK ~ I LOOK PRETTY GOOD AND I'M ALIVE............then I say.................

~ Don't Hide Behind a MASK 

~ Even if it's a Pretty Mask ~

Knowing how to love yourself is VERY important.

Self love is at the very core of wellbeing, joy, self-empowerment, and your ability to create and enjoy the kind of life you want. You cannot enjoy happiness if you are not at peace with yourself.

 10 Ways to Love Yourself NOW

  1. Celebrate your past. I'll be honest with you -- this is one of the hardest ones for me. There are things about the me I used to be that I just don't want to celebrate. However, I think about it like this: everything that happened to me in the past made me the person I am today so I need to embrace and celebrate that past because, without it, I wouldn't be me.

  2. Indulge in your desires. Now, not every desire should be indulged it, but sometimes I think it's important to recognize the things that make you happy, that inspire you, that send little shivers of delight down your spine. Doing so will help you recognize the uniqueness that is you and will help you to identify the things you can focus on, those things that truly bring you happiness.

  3. Let go of your mistakes. Mistakes happen. To everyone. No matter what you look like, who you are, what you do for a living, you've made mistakes. We all have and they all suck. I look back on some of my mistakes and literally cringe. But you know what? It doesn't do you any good to focus on them. Take what you can from them, learn from them, and then move the hell on.

  4. Transform your mindset.Sadly it's often easier to get down on yourself than it is to lift yourself up, but if you want to love yourself, you have to change your mindset. You have to believe that you're worthy of love and you have to actively seek out positive things about yourself and your life. Believe me, if you don't do it, no one else well. Change the way you think about yourself and the rest will fall into place.

  5. Embrace your future. Sometimes you find yourself in a tough spot, unhappy with your life and ultimately unhappy with yourself. While I'm all about living in the present, I understand sometimes that the present can be pretty rotten. So cut yourself some slack and remember that you have a deliciously exciting future ahead of you. Focus on what's to come and remind yourself that you can do anything.

  6. Dive into your passion. Most people are passionate about something. They have things that really matter to them -- whether it be a cause or a job or a loved one or a hobby. Whatever it is that gets you really excited, focus on it. Embrace it. Run with it. One of the best ways you can learn to love yourself is to zero in on the things that make you the happiest and spend as much time as you can on them.

  7. Live in your moment. While it's not always easy to live in the moment (nearly a year after starting this blog I still struggle with it on a daily basis!), it's important that you do so. Why? Because to live in the moment is to accept what is and to accept what is is the best way I've found for truly loving yourself. If you focus on the past or present, you're not loving yourself now. Love yourself by being present.

  8. Sing your own praises. I know some people don't like toot their own horns, but you know what? It's okay to say how awesome you are every once and awhile. It's okay to admit that, wow, you did an amazing job on something or accomplished something you never thought you could. Celebrate yourself and your achievements and all of that self-love is sure to find you. Love your awesomeness because, seriously, you are awesome.

  9. Listen to your ideas. Do you ever find yourself ignoring your instincts or avoiding your gut reaction? Don't do that anymore. If you want to love yourself, you have to believe yourself. You have to trust yourself. It's not always easy to listen to yourself, but recognize that your thoughts and ideas are always valid (no matter how ridiculous they might seem). You don't always have to act on your ideas, but always listen to them.
  10. Appreciate your life. Okay, so there are some things you want to change about yourself, about your body, about your relationships, about your life? That's okay. We all want to change things. But what if you stopped focusing on the things you want to change and, instead, focused on the things you wanted to stay the same. Appreciating all that you have in your life is one of the very best ways to remember that you're so very lucky to be YOU.  


We cannot expect someone else to love us if we do not love ourselves

We need to be committed to who we are. We need to support all our hopes and dreams. We need to believe we are funny if we want to make someone truly laugh. We have to learn how to take care of ourselves before we let someone else try. We need to know what we want out of an argument before we start bickering. We need to listen to ourselves. We need to take a deep breath and listen.

We have to have confidence.

Only we can pull ourselves out of the black hole of insecurity.

We have to know that the only person who we can depend on is us. We have to like our personality. We have to recognize our weaknesses. We have to love ourselves through our mistakes, self-described flaws, and any regrets we may have. We have to believe in who we are, always and forever. We have to.

And only when we have learned to love ourselves, someone else will too.

You cannot be lonely if you LOVE the person you`re alone with


The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.........BE KIND TO YOURSELF♥


~ Say to yourself ~

♥Always Remember...

Arlene 13.06.2015 01:10

This page is WONDERFUL! Being yourself is hard to do because people like to judge but I can tell that you are a REAL person and that you love yourself.

Marla 12.06.2015 21:38

Being your self is something you seem to do very well, Cindi! Congrats on all that you do and for the contest win.

Adrian 12.06.2015 04:06

Very Nice, I always believe in being yourself because if you pretend it will catch up with you. You are a beautiful woman and I can tell you like being YOU.

♥♥Love Is For Two 12.06.2015 02:36

Cindi Baby, don't ever be anyone BUT YOURSELF!!!

Love YOU♥

Maddie (New York) 12.06.2015 00:53

Hope you do love yourself Cindi because we all admire and love you. You are a one-of-a-kind woman. Always remember you are loved. Thank you for you!

Michael 11.06.2015 17:43

Cindi, it's important to love yourself no matter what sad events happen in your life. Remember you are AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU♥ One door closes another opens.

Maddie 09.06.2014 22:45

Love this new section Cindi, it's so thought provoking, as you always tell me, something that we should all think about, LOVE YOURSELF, Love, Maddie

Anna G. 05.06.2014 07:28

Great new section my friend,it is important to be confident and feel good in our own skin,inspiring words!

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