Just look at you sitting there
Never looked better than tonight
And it'd be so easy to tell ya 
Like I've done so many times

I was so sure this would be the night
You'd close the door and want to stay with me
It'd be so easy to tell ya
Like I've done so many times 

'Cause he'll always take you in
Just when you think you've 

Oh, put out the light, just hold on

Now it's mornin' and the phone rings
And you say you've gotta get your things together
You just gotta leave before ya 

And if ya knew what I was thinkin', girl
I'd turn around if you'd just 

'Cause he'll always take you in
Just when you think you've really changed him

Oh, put out the light, just hold on

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Jude♥ | Reply 19.07.2016 18.40

Beautiful Song and them singing together is FABULOUS!

Don't Fall In Love with A Dreamer, that seems to be my problem :(

Adrianne (CV Chamber)♥ | Reply 07.07.2016 21.06

These two singing together is like heaven, LOVE THIS SONG!

Thanks for posting♥

♥♥♥♥ Love YOU♥ | Reply 05.07.2016 15.27


Johnnie♥ | Reply 05.07.2016 13.00

WOW, love this song!!!

Jen (WMAC) Dallas♥ | Reply 05.07.2016 12.10

Great Song, love the way these two sing!

MC♥ | Reply 05.07.2016 09.34

Love the "PINK" Fireworks, Leave it to you Cynthia Jo!!!

Love the Fireworks, Love you♥

Maddie (New York)♥ | Reply 04.07.2016 20.07

Happy 4th of July Cindi♥

Love the way they sing this song, was not real popular, but I loved it then and now♥

Love you♥

Dennis♥♥ | Reply 04.07.2016 19.53

Hey Beautiful, again, LOVE THIS SONG TOO!

Sung by Two Great Singers, PERFECTLY!!

Love you Cindi, Going to steal you from Michael (lol)

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09.12 | 12:11

Beautiful Photo Cindi, Love it!!!!!

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos

Love YOU ♥

09.12 | 10:17

A fantastic opening picture dear Cindi, you look sensational my friend!! :D sending love your way!!

08.12 | 17:36

Can't wait to see your NEW photos Cynthia Jo♥

Love you, see you soon♥

08.12 | 12:48

Lovely Christmas Page, the graphics are so Beautiful!

Merry Christmas

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