I kept waitin' on a reason

No I never, saw it comin'
Somethin' in you must have changed

All the words unspoken, promises broken
I cried for so long, wasted too much time
Should have seen the signs
Now I know, just what went wrong

I guess I wanted you more
And lookin' back now I'm sure

I wanted you more

All the nights we spend just talkin'
Of the things we wanted out of life (out of life)
Makin' plans and dreams together
I wish I'd seen, I was just too blind

My heart was open, exposed and hopin'
For you, to lay it on the line
In the end, it seemed
There was no room for me
Still I tried, to change your mind

I guess I wanted you more
And lookin' back now I'm sure
I wanted you more
I guess I wanted you more

Oh, I don't need you
I don't need you anymore

I guess I wanted you more
And lookin' back now I'm sure
I wanted you more
I guess I wanted you more

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DONE Sending...

Jamie♥ | Reply 25.11.2015 10.34

This song is GREAT! Thanks for adding.

Happy Thanksgiving♥

Evelyn Sandoval♥ | Reply 23.11.2015 13.38

Love this Song! Beautiful, it fits with my past, I always wanted Herbie more than he wanted me, YES VERY SAD :(

MC♥ | Reply 22.11.2015 10.13

Was just thinking Cynthia Jo, I wonder if your X-Friend saw this song, although beautiful, it was intended for him, correct? Or is it just for your site?


Carmen Martinez (New York) | Reply 21.11.2015 21.49

This Song is a favorite of mine, was so happy when it was released, it reminds me of the bad relationship I had with my X, I DON'T NEED HIM ANYMORE.


Jennie♥ | Reply 21.11.2015 10.18

Love Lady Antebellum and this new song of hers is GREAT!

Love, Jennie

Maddie (New York) | Reply 20.11.2015 23.01

I Love this Song Cindi,thanks for posting.

We all have Journey's in front of us to forget and leave the past behind us.

MC♥ (Love YOU♥) | Reply 20.11.2015 19.51

Oh WOW Cynthia Jo, does this mean your done or is this just a Video for your site that doesn't mean anything personal, just asking My Sweet? Have fun tonight♥

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Latest comments

10.01 | 18:21

Happy that I can leave a comment now - missed you!

Guess you didn't want to hear from ANYONE.


Love YOU♥

14.12 | 15:03

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks for wanting to meet with me, see you at Bodi's.

It's hard to throw a long friendship like ours away.

Love you♥

14.12 | 10:14

Beautiful Website Cindi, I love your Christmas Page.

Happy Holidays to you and your family

Take care!

12.12 | 13:05

Hello Cindi Girl,

I'm living in Texas now but will be in SF next week, can we get together♥

Miss you, Love you terribly♥

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