Hello Friends........

This is a beautiful Song - hope you will enjoy.

I wanted to share my Insight about 'BEING IN LOVE" and what it means to me:

Being in love to me means :






Sharing and spending time together..........and much ~ much more...



If you do not have the above traits in your relationship there is no way, in my opinion that you and your partner can sustain a caring and loving relationship.

Some men and women are afraid and again, in my opinion, ARE EMOTIONAL need to be strong in a Loving Relationship AND MAKE YOUR LOVE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE.....IF NOT YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED AND TRULY IN LOVE.........JUST SHARING MY OPINION...





I must be crazy now



But when I think of you
I long to feel your touch

To whisper in your ear
Words that are old as time
Words only you would hear
If only you were mine

I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you
Should've made my move when you looked in my eyes


'Cause by now I know that you'd feel the way that I do
And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side

I love you, please say
You love me too, these three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together

So today, I finally find the courage deep inside
Just to walk right up to your door
But my body can't move when I finally get to it
Just like a thousand times before

Then without a word he handed me this letter
Read I hope this finds the way into your heart, it said

I love you, please say
You love me too, these three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together 

 Till the end of time

Well maybe I, I need a little love yeah
And maybe I, I need a little care
And maybe I, maybe you, maybe you, maybe you
Oh you need somebody just to hold you
If you do, just reach out and I'll be there

I love you, please say
You love me too
Please say you love me too
Till the end of time
These three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together

Oh, I love you

Please say you love me too
Please please
Say you love me too
Till the end of time
My baby

Till the end of time
I love you
I will be your light
Shining bright
Shining through your eyes


Even though I Love YOU

There will be


Below was written to me in my High School Year Book in 1966


{The man I thought I would marry}

I have never forgotten these words

{They still mean the world to me}

Love is a Pain In My Heart

Love is a Tear in My Eyes

Love is a Lump in my Throat

Love is God giving You to Me





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Toni | Reply 09.07.2015 17.07


Love, Toni C

Jess (Maddie's Group) | Reply 08.07.2015 21.13

WOW Miss Cindi, I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jude | Reply 08.07.2015 18.20

I agree with all your friends, BEAUTIFUL, NOT SO MUCH THE SONG BUT YOUR PERSONAL WORDS, I admire you Cindi, your AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Marlene | Reply 08.07.2015 15.07

Beautiful! Beautiful!


Johnnie | Reply 08.07.2015 11.25

Very beautiful, and I love your OPINION!

Love, Johnnie

James (New York) | Reply 07.07.2015 15.25

Beautiful sentiment your friend wrote in your yearbook, very nice. Very wise for such a young man. Love this page, love this song. Love you ♥

Maddie (New York) | Reply 07.07.2015 14.57

Very Beautiful Cindi! I love what was written in your Year Book from such a young man, he must have really loved you, was this Joe? I think not, am I right?

Colleen | Reply 06.07.2015 20.04

Beautiful Song, but also so sad the way you have created it on this page, someone's heart has been broken????? I Love you Dear Friend♥

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19.08 | 19:16

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend!!

You just keep getting more Beautiful, how can that be? You look more Beautiful than in your modeling days (lol) Love you

19.08 | 19:11

Cynthia Jo,

I Love the Pic of you from your Photo Shoot with Dennis and I.

A Great Birthday Gift from us to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL, WE LOVE YOU

16.08 | 16:10

Your Photos Shoots are FABULOUS!!

Hard to believe that next Tuesday you will be _____ years old!

Love you♥♥

13.08 | 15:15

Good Luck today Cynthia Jo!

I know you will do GREAT♥

Love you♥

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