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~ ♥ ~Welcome to Talk It Out With Cindi ~ ♥ ~

Women Talking With Women is a FaceBook forum, place for reflection, support, validation, sanity-making, for those crazy-want to pull your hair out-days, and for A-ha moments, hopefully lots of A-HA MOMENTS♥

Whether we stay-at-home, work part-time or full-time, we are often left, after hours -- and after cleaning up our kitchens, throwing in one more load of laundry, checking emails, paying bills, looking for misplaced keys, maintaining our households and pondering, silently or out loud, "given the realities of life today, 

Life is difficult today for women and speaking for myself I lately have experienced some difficult, heart pounding, crying moments coupled with sadness and health issues.

Family and Friends are great to talk to but sometimes you need some objective talking with other women that are experiencing the same things.

So Ladies, post your pictures, your comments and let's get: 


Let's support one another and get back to HAPPY, LOVING, STRONG WOMEN ~ we are more than Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts and Friends.


I’m here if you need me

Someone to care and understand
I’ll be - right here.
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll come running.

You know you can talk to me
About anything- I won’t judge.
If you need someone - I’ll be the one
Talk to me - I don’t like seeing you like this
Your sadness, lack of interest, that can be gone.

Just please
Talk to me
Tomorrow will be better - you’ll see
Just come and talk to me.
It makes me sad to see you like this
When I know there’s something I can do
It’s not like you, to be so blue.....
~ Talk To Me ~


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Latest comments

19.08 | 19:16

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend!!

You just keep getting more Beautiful, how can that be? You look more Beautiful than in your modeling days (lol) Love you

19.08 | 19:11

Cynthia Jo,

I Love the Pic of you from your Photo Shoot with Dennis and I.

A Great Birthday Gift from us to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL, WE LOVE YOU

16.08 | 16:10

Your Photos Shoots are FABULOUS!!

Hard to believe that next Tuesday you will be _____ years old!

Love you♥♥

13.08 | 15:15

Good Luck today Cynthia Jo!

I know you will do GREAT♥

Love you♥

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