♥Romantic Love Letters♥

♥♥Romantic Love Letters♥♥

♥♥Romantic Love Letters♥♥


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Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter.

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What could be more romantic than receiving a love letter? A good old fashioned, hand-written love letter is still one of the best Valentines around, but don’t just save it for February. A love letter is a powerful expression any day of the year.

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You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write the perfect love letter. All you need to know is how you feel. What makes a love letter so romantic is that it is deeply personal. It shows your beloved how well you know them, and that knowledge is the very stuff of love.


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Writing beautiful, heart-melting love letters is an art, but one that we can all learn to do.

Here are some creative ideas to write your own romantic love letters that really touch your partner's heart...


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1. Message in a Bottle

There is something special always about a message in a bottle. So why not put your love letter inside a bottle and put it somewhere he'll discover?

It will make it much more fun to read your letter and also he/she will find it more romantic and valuable.


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2. Send an Audio Love Letter

Writing your letter on paper is always good, but if you like to make it even more special and creative, you can record your voice reading it, and then send it along with the letter.

Don't be surprised if your boyfriend/girlfriend gets so excited about your new "love letter" that he/she will keep it and listen to it many times. :)


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3. Kiss Your Letter

If you are a girl, it is always a great idea to kiss the end of your letter as a sexy, lovely "signature". Guys find something very intimate and special about a woman's lipstick mark on their love letter. Just try it and you'll see!

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 ♥♥Love is a language spoken by everyone♥♥

♥♥But understood only by the heart♥♥



♥Love Letters Straight From Your Heart♥
♥♥Sealed With A Kiss♥♥

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