♥♥Movies About Love♥♥

♥♥ Movies About Love ♥♥







Doesn't happen right away....
It's an ever-growing process.
It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together....



Hello Dear Friends..............


By now if you are a past, frequent visitor or even a new visitor to my site you will know (or discover) that I'm a real ROMANTIC ♥♥


I believe in all the things that have to do with TRUE LOVE:




Walking on the Beach

Experiencing love to the fullest ~ physical as well as emotional


And all the other things to do with LOVE...........


I decided to add Movies, some sad, some happy to my website to show LOVE between two people.


As we all know, not all LOVE STORIES have Happy Endings, I wish they did but unfortunately they don't.


The Movies that I have added are favorites of mine..............but if you have a favorite LOVE Story/Movie that you would like me to add, just let me know.


Please keep in mind YouTube (where I get these Movies from) don't always allow the sharing of these Videos ~ so I may not always have the full-legth movies to share ~ but I wll have the Trailer(s) so you can at least see what they are about.






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DONE Sending...

Annie Blue Eyes | Reply 27.06.2015 21.42

Great idea, Cindi, LOVE MOVIES, I will be sure to watch them.

Jeremy | Reply 27.06.2015 18.04

Your are very lovely Dear, love this section, Even though I'm a man I like Romantic Movies because I'm a Romantic Loving Man who loves deeply.

Maxie | Reply 26.06.2015 16.29

Love Stories on your site is a great addition Cindi, look forward to seeing more.


Millie (Maddie's Group) | Reply 26.06.2015 09.55

Love the movies you have added Cindi, thanks!

Julie | Reply 26.06.2015 09.44

Great idea Miss Cindi, your website is FABULOUS, love you♥♥

Ray | Reply 25.06.2015 20.56

I Love watching Love Stories!

Marissa (Maddie's Group) | Reply 25.06.2015 17.02

Good Job Cindi, love that you are adding Movie Videos about Love, so like you. By the way I love your new photo, very beautiful, as usual.

Michael | Reply 25.06.2015 01.03

Cynthia Jo, Beautiful addition to your website, LOVE STORIES. You think of everything My Dear, AMAZING, AS ALWAYS♥♥ Love you

Maddie (New York) | Reply 24.06.2015 12.52

This will be good Cindi to explain why you are adding LOVE STORY Movies to your site, you are, as every one says, AN AMAZING WOMAN. Love you♥

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30.05 | 15:39

Love, Love, Love Your Beautiful Site, and YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

Thanks for sharing :)

29.05 | 13:28


For Two Months Now ~ No-One has been able to comment or leave you a message or sign your Guestbook, looks like things are back to normal. Be Safe, Hugs

16.04 | 17:08

Cynthia Jo: Forgot to say I miss you and our Weekly Lunches :(

Love YOU :)

16.04 | 16:46

WOW!!!! Such a Beautiful Photo of you Cindi, I remember your Modeling Days. Michael is right ~ CUTE THEN, BEAUTIFUL NOW, MISS YOU, LOVE YOU :)

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