~ Let me LOVE YOU ~
~ Recapture the MOMENTS ~
~ Love is HEAVEN ~
~ Someday ~
~ What remains behind ~
~ Never Chase Love ~
~ Forever and Always ~
~ LOVE ~
~ Moments ~
~ The Heart Won't Lie ~
~ 12th of Never ~ FOREVER & ALWAYS ~ I WILL LOVE YOU ~
~ I would be Friends with YOU and have your LOVE ~
~ Until the day after FOREVER ~
~ Let GO ~
~ Cherish your MEMORIES ~
~ Have FAITH ~
♥I Will Always Love YOU♥
~ Loving Someone ~
♥I Love YOU ~ Today ~ Tomorrow ~ Always & Forever♥
♥♥Words and Hearts that are BROKEN ~ are hadrest to repair♥♥
♥Love♥ ~ Comes to those with Hope♥
♥Love ME♥
♥Love YOU Bunches ~ Like Bananas♥
♥Forever and Ever♥
♥♥No Woman♥♥
♥♥I Love YOU♥♥
♥♥I Will LOVE YOU through eternity and beyond.....♥♥
♥♥Always Tell Someone How YOU Feel♥♥
♥My Forever Love♥
♥♥You Are the Best Thing that ever Happened to ME♥♥

♥Love Is What's It's All About♥





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Eileen (WMAC) Dallas♥ | Reply 06.07.2016 18.32

Love these comments/statements, I will share some of them with my significant other.

Thank you Cindi♥

Aida (CV Chamber)♥ | Reply 04.07.2016 15.03

Happy 4th of July Cindi♥

Astrid (CV Chamber)♥ | Reply 03.07.2016 23.29

Love your Love Graphics, ALL SO MEANINGFUL and BEAUTIFUL♥

Thanks for letting us share♥

kerri | Reply 12.03.2015 19.17

Absolutely love it. Very creative and talented. Thank you so much will be using a lot of this <3 Goddess Of Beauty

Arlene | Reply 05.09.2014 20.50

Cindi, this page is amazing, your site is so big I didn't see this section, you are a wonderful friend to me and everyone you know, I LOVE YOU, LOVE, Arlene♥

Arlene | Reply 14.07.2014 18.14

Love these Quotes Cindi, they are all so true, Love, Arlene

Colleen Weston | Reply 10.07.2014 20.24

Very Beautiful Quotes Cindi, Love, Colleen

Eddie | Reply 05.07.2014 14.21

Cindi Girl, just discovered this page, I love your quotes about love. Love you always, Eddie

Fiona | Reply 02.07.2014 00.36

I love this page!!

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10.01 | 18:21

Happy that I can leave a comment now - missed you!

Guess you didn't want to hear from ANYONE.


Love YOU♥

14.12 | 15:03

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks for wanting to meet with me, see you at Bodi's.

It's hard to throw a long friendship like ours away.

Love you♥

14.12 | 10:14

Beautiful Website Cindi, I love your Christmas Page.

Happy Holidays to you and your family

Take care!

12.12 | 13:05

Hello Cindi Girl,

I'm living in Texas now but will be in SF next week, can we get together♥

Miss you, Love you terribly♥

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